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Membership in Pull-thru Network entitles the member to a subscription to the PTN News magazine that is published and mailed to each member three times per year. Other member services include member to member networking, access to our closed Facebook group, scholarship and financial assistance opportunities, early bird registration for our National Conference, as well as all others. By joining Pull-thru Network you will help support our mission and connect with our community. Our common bond is our need for information, education, support and advocacy for ourselves and our families.


Family memberships are available for individuals, and families of individuals, who are affected by any congenital anorectal, colorectal, or urogenital disorder and/or any of the variety of related diagnoses. These members are also eligible to vote in our Board of Directors elections and may also serve on the PTN Board of Directors.  Family membership fees are $30/year. Those who would like to be members but are experiencing financial hardship will be given a dues waiver upon request. No documentation is required, and this information is kept strictly confidential. Please email for your discount promo code.

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Professional Members

Professional Membership: Open to any healthcare provider interested and/or involved in the care of individuals with anorectal malformations or Hirschsprung Disease and costs $100. Benefist include access to PTN publications and resources, and the option to join the closed Facebook group (must abide by the PTN’s confidentiality and privacy policies). Professional members are not eligible to vote in elections or hold an office. Institutional Membership: Open to healthcare institutions and costs $1000 per year. Benefits include professional membership for up to 5 individuals from the same institution, a complimentary quarter-page advertisement in 3 consecutive issues of the “PTN News” magazine, option to add additional staff for a fee, and options to upgrade advertisement to half or full page for added in elections or hold an office.

Privacy Policy

PTN values your privacy and promises not to share your personal information with others, except with your permission. We will not sell your email address or personal information. We only collect and use information provided voluntarily for networking purposes. Members have the right to know their information is not shared without consent. It’s essential to respect others’ privacy by not distributing personal information shared within the network. If you have any questions about this policy, or the manner in which PTN handles your personal information, please contact us at

Member Testimonials

“It’s helpful to be around people who are in the same situation as you. In everyday life this condition is something I don’t talk about because no one understands it. At the conference, I can.”
parent of child with ARM

“The Pull-thru Network is my lifeline because I know someone has already gone through what we’re going through and they can help us. It is wonderful to see all the doctors support these special kids by coming to the conferences. It makes all the difference in the world for these kids to know they are not alone!”
parent of child with ARM