Pull-thru Network, Inc. takes the issue of your personal privacy very seriously. PTN pledges to never make your, or your child’s, personal, private, medical, and/or any other information available to any third party, except when you have indicated that personal contact information may be shared with other PTN members for the purpose of networking.

Pull-thru Network will never sell your email addresses or other personal information to anyone. Pull-thru Network only collects the names, email addresses or other personal or medical information that is voluntarily provided to PTN by its members. The information is used by PTN for the purposes of communicating with its members and for the matching of families for the purpose of networking.

As a member of Pull-thru Network you have the right to membership with the confidence that your, or your child’s, personal, private, medical and/or any other information is not being tracked, collected, otherwise aggregated, or disclosed without your express written consent. It is also important for the members of Pull-thru Network to respect the privacy of other members. In order to protect everyone’s confidentiality, we require that you do not copy or otherwise distribute any of the personal information, articles, messages, or posts to the forum for any use outside of this website. Members are expressly forbidden to share their login information with anyone outside of their immediate family.

If you have any question about this policy, or the manner in which Pull-thru Network handles your personal information, please contact us.